You are choosing some new furniture for your home, your office, or as a gift for someone else. Perhaps you are inclined to choose the furniture that looks best, or best fits your budget. Whilst these considerations are important, there are so many differences between pine, ash, and oak furniture.

Being aware of these differences and what they mean for you will enable you to make a much more informed choice about your furniture, and help you to choose the items that will best suit your needs.

Our furniture store in Nottingham provides premium quality furniture made from a variety of different woods, and our experienced craftspeople are able to bring out the unique features of each wood to its best advantage. Oak, pine, and ash are certainly some of the most common woods used in the manufacture of furniture. Oak is a hard wood, and has the advantage of being strong and durable.

Oak furniture has a very sturdy and heavy look, and also has a remarkable texture thanks to its prominent rings and ridges. If you are looking for furniture that has a slightly lighter look, then pine furniture is probably better for you. As well as having a lighter colour than oak, pine furniture is much more lightweight and is thus easier to carry around.

Depending on the look you want to for your home decor, you may wish to opt for a decorative type of pine which features dark knots and rings on a pale background. Like pine, ash is a soft wood.

The advantage of ash is that it has the light and fresh feel of pine, whilst having a dense and intriguing texture similar to oak. Ash furniture tends to be sturdy and also slightly cheaper than either oak or pine. Whilst often seen as a less decorative type of wood, ash is often favoured for strong, structural pieces.

Thinking about these differences in types of wood as you browse our furniture store in Nottingham will ensure that you make the right choice when you select your next item of household furniture. And of course, our expert staff are always there to help you if you need it. If you are looking for a wood with an enticing, unique texture then oak or ash may well be the best wood for you. However, if you want something elegant, lightweight and decorative, then you should probably plump for pine.